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To ensure the quality of university degrees is one of the key elements of the EHEA. For achieving this, it is essential to establish an Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC), that facilitates the review, control and improvement of the degrees offered by the institution. Through this system the university collects and analyses periodically all relevant information and promotes improvement actions, thus assuming the leading role that it should has in these processes.

In a second step, the degrees must undergo external evaluations, which supervise the effective implementation of teachings and inform to society about its quality. According to the RD 822/2021, 28 setembrer, which establishes the organization of university education and the procedure for ensuring its quality, this external assessment is carried out through three processes: verification, which evaluates the design of the curriculum of a new degree, monitoring, through which the implementation of a degree is regularly analysed for checking if it is developed properly, and ex-post accreditation, stage where it is checked if the project of the verified curriculum has been developed successfully.