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One of the fundamental axes of the official doctorate studies, as indicated in RD 99/2011 that regulates them, must be the evaluation and accreditation of quality, as a reference for their recognition and international appeal. This implies, on the one hand, the establishment of a Guarantee Internal System of Quality (SGIQ), which facilitates the review, control and improvement, by the institution itself of the certificates it offers. Thus, the memory for the verification of doctoral programs explicitly requires a series of data and description of procedures that refer to the mentioned system.

And, on the other hand, the degrees must undergo a process of verification, monitoring and renewal of accreditation, carried out by external bodies, similar to the one developed for the degree and master’s degrees, in order to guarantee the quality in the initial design of the program, as well as the adequacy of the subsequent stages of implementation.

The official university degrees of Doctorate must renew their accreditation before the lapse of six years from the date of their initial verification or from the date of their last accreditation.