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The Degree in Law provides a basic legal training that includes both theoretical knowledge on legislation and methodological tools necessary to understand and apply legislation. Thus, the ultimate goal of this degree is to train professionals capable of defending the rights of citizens in the society to which they belong, according to the established legal system.

In addition, students will complete their training by choosing, according to their preferences, one of the eleven pathways provided. Each of the pathways consists of 18 optional credits. You can take the subject of Human Rights in any of the pathways, as an additional subject or to replace another with the same number of credits, that is, 4.5.

You also have the possibility to study double degrees in: Business Management and Administration + Law; Law + Political and Public Administration; Law + Criminology. For those who prefer studying part-time, we propose a periodization in 12 semesters, with an average of 40 credits per year and a total of 6 years to complete the degree.