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Curs 2020-2021

Degree in Law

Work placements

The work placements are a training-basesd activity carried out by students in companies, desks, institutions and other entities. Its main goal is to allow students implement and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training favouring, at the same time, the acquisition of competencies which prepare them for developing professional activities, enhance their employability and foster their entrepreneurship skills.

The Faculty of Law considers work placements to be an important and necessary approach when it comes to teaching and preparing their students and, at the same time, strengthening a bond between students and society.

The organisation, planning and management of work placements corresponds to ADEIT, University-Business Foundation of the University of Valencia along with the Work placements Committee of the Faculty of Law.

All work placements of the different qualifications of the Faculty of Law are tutored and monitored by a tutor professor of the Faculty f Law.

Curs 2021-2022

Calendar 2021-2022

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