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The School of Engineering (ETSE) of the University of Valencia has set up a Careers Service (SIL) for its students.

The aim of this service is to make the job offers, calls for grants, internships, awards etc. that the various public or private companies and public organisations send to the centre's secretary office accessible to all students of the School of Engineering.

Under no circumstances does the School of Engineering act as an intermediary in the processes of selection and employment.  It limits itself to offering its students a service to facilitate access to this information.

Until this moment, the distribution of the offers was made through a mail service by subscription that sent on a massive scale the offers to all subscribed students. With this new system, students are be able to configure mail filters in order to receive only interesting offers, discriminating between other job offers and grants, timetables or other profiles of the offer.

You can access to the portal via the following URL:


The system is the result of an end of degree project, carried out by two students of Computer and Multimedia Engineering in Capgemini company with the Universitat.

If you have any doubt or consultation you can contact with the system administrator through the following mail: