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For several years, companies from the audio-visual and information technology sector are demanding professionals with highly specialist expertise but able, at the same time, to communicate contents in a creative way and to work in multidisciplinary teams. Are you looking for a specialty that brings together most technical aspects with the ability to develop quality content? Are you seeking for a degree that meets your professional expectations? Degree in Multimedia Engineering is your best option!

The School of Engineering of the UV is teaching this degree since 2010-2011 academic year. It is mainly characterised by covering more purely technical subjects and other ones more creative, all of them focused on the communication world and on the management of audiovisual projects. One of our main interests is that once you have finished your undergraduate studies in Multimedia Engineering, you become a perfect technical coordinator of projects in fields as vast as interactive television, video games, Web systems, mobile multimedia or virtual reality systems, including many others.

If you are creative, a dreamer, proactive and you like technology; you have everything needed to undertake this degree in the School of Engineering of the UV! In order that students complete the degree and specialise in what they like most, compulsory subjects are taught during the first three years, while in the last year the students can configure their profile through the elective subjects offered in the different degrees of the School. Take the opportunity to study what you like most!