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1st year

Coordination: Fernando Martín Rivera
Total credits: 60 |  Mandatory: 24 Basic training: 36
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
33204Motor development, control and learning6BasicCheck info
33206Anatomy and kinesiology of human movement9BasicCheck info
33207Human physiology and exercise9BasicCheck info
33209Gymnastics6CompulsoryCheck info
33212Basketball6CompulsoryCheck info
33215Systematics of movement6CompulsoryCheck info
33228Motor skills6CompulsoryCheck info
33246Theory and history of physical activity and sport6BasicCheck info
33247Statistics6BasicCheck info

2nd year

Coordination: Ana Cordellat Marzal
Total credits:60 |  Mandatory: 36 Basic training: 24
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
33205Social psychology in sporting physical activity6BasicCheck info
33208Athletics6CompulsoryCheck info
33211Football6CompulsoryCheck info
33213Handball6CompulsoryCheck info
33216Introduction to research in sciences of physical activity and sports6CompulsoryCheck info
33222Sports training: physical preparation6CompulsoryCheck info
33229Foundations of bodily expression6CompulsoryCheck info
33241Movement educacation6BasicCheck info
33242The educational game and sporting initiative6BasicCheck info
33243Sociology6BasicCheck info

3rd year

Coordination: Iván Chulvi Medrano
Total credits: 60 |  Mandatory: 60
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
33210Swimming6CompulsoryCheck info
33214Judo6CompulsoryCheck info
33217Biomechanics of physical activity6CompulsoryCheck info
33220Methodology of teaching physical activity and sport6CompulsoryCheck info
33221Planning and evaluation of physical activity and sport6CompulsoryCheck info
33223Sports training: technique and tactics6CompulsoryCheck info
33224Physical exercise for quality of life6CompulsoryCheck info
33225Physical exercise for human groups with special needs6CompulsoryCheck info
33226Sports equipament and fittings6CompulsoryCheck info
33227Management and organisation of sporting bodies and events6CompulsoryCheck info

4th year

Coordination: Mario Alguacil Jiménez
Total credits: 54 |  Mandatory: 12 External internships: 18 Optional: 24 TFG: 6
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
33218Physical sports recreation6CompulsoryCheck info
33219Prevention and first aid for injuries due to physical activities6CompulsoryCheck info
33244External internships18InternshipsCheck info
33245Degree final project in sciences of sport and physical activity6Final degree projectCheck info
Elective subjects24Optatiu

Elective subjects

Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
33230Specific applications for athletics training6ElectivesCheck info
33231Specific applications for swimming training6ElectivesCheck info
33232Specific applications for football training6ElectivesCheck info
33233Specific applications for basketball training6ElectivesCheck info
33234Specific applications for judo training6ElectivesCheck info
33235Evaluation of sporting achievement4.5ElectivesCheck info
33236Physical activity and disability4.5ElectivesCheck info
33237Applications for physical activities for health: gentle gymnastics and with musical backing6ElectivesCheck info
33238Activities in Nature4.5ElectivesCheck info
33239Management of sporting resources4.5ElectivesCheck info
33240Strategic planning of sports systems6ElectivesCheck info
36403Valencian ball and traditional games6ElectivesCheck info