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Credit transfer

Credit transfer entails the incorporation of the totality of credits obtained in previous official studies (which have not led to the acquisition of an official qualification) in the student’s official academic documents.

The transferred modules or subjects will not be taken into account in the calculation of the scores in the academic record.

The transfer will not be applied in case of simultaneous studies, except if the student renounces said simultaneity by quitting their studies.

Official university studies recognition

In order to carry out the credit recognition, the Universitat de València must accept the credits that were taken in official studies of this or another university so that the credits can count in different studies. This way, the student will be able to obtain their official degree.

Recognition of non-university higher studies

Credits that were taken in other official non-university higher education courses, as well as in vocational education, mobility programmes, both national and international, may be recognised. A collaboration agreement has recently been signed between the Generalitat (through the Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sport) and the five Valencian public universities to determine the correspondence between the higher vocational training diplomas taught in the Valencian Community and the university degrees offered, as well as the recognition of ECTS credits between the aforementioned diplomas: a minimum of 30 credits will be recognised in the degrees listed in Annex I of the Agreement. Check this and the web of the centres involved in the agreement. As agreements are signed with the other degrees, they will be publicised.

On the other hand, accredited professional experience as well as non-official university studies may be recognised without exceeding, jointly, 15% of the total number of credits that make up the study plan.  However, the recognition of credits coming from a university-specific degree may, exceptionally, surpass this percentage or, if necessary, be recognised completely as long as the corresponding university-specific degree has been extinguished or substituted by an official degree.

A maximum of 6 credits obtained in university activities related with cooperation, culture, sports, charity or student representation may be recognised as well. 


The procedure for the credit transfer or recognition must be solicited by the student by presenting a request in the office of the secretary of their centre.


After receiving a report from the Academic Degree Committee, the dean or director will determine the decision within a month. Otherwise, it will be understood that the request has been rejected.


In order to carry out the request and the incorporation of the recognised credits to the academic record, the rates established by the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government) will be applied for each of the cases.

Legislative regulations