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Universitat de València regards external internships as an important and necessary methodology in the training and preparation of its students and, at once, as a link to society. The University-Business Foundation, ADEIT, under the direction of the Vice-Principal for Employment and Training Programmes, is responsible for the organisation, planning and management of external academic placements in companies and entities.

What are external internships?

A training activity carried out by students in a company or entity. It is supervised by a professional from the company or entity where the internships are done and by a tutor who teaches at Universitat de València. Its main purpose is to allow students to make use of and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, favouring, at the same time, the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities, facilitating their employability and promoting their capacity for entrepreneurship.

Types of internships

Curricular internships are academic activities integrated into the curriculum in question, which correspond to a module or subject.
Extracurricular internships are those that are carried out voluntarily during the training period and which, having the same aims as curricular internships, do not form part of the syllabus. However, they are included in the European Diploma Supplement (SET).

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