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Next day 2016 June 21, we will proceed to change the certificates for the connections WiFi of the UV (eduroam), and probably that according to his device and the operating system of the same, see affected in elder or lower measure (Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, etc.). It depends which are your system, we advise you redo the configuration of eduroam sets with the new certificate. The simplest form is using the installers that for the ‘Universitat of València’, you will find in the link:


If there is not available installer for the version of his system, can download directly the certificate in function of his customer in:

  • Certificate in DER format: 
  • Certificate in PEM format:

The University of Valencia offers its users (PDI, students and PAS), as well as visiting users from other institutions, which are associated to the eduroam project , a wireless access service to the network in its different units and bordering thereof.
The coverage of this service is constantly changing, so the corresponding section for availability at a given point should be consulted.
Depending on the quality of the signal received at a given point, the wireless network enables bandwidth up to 56 Mbps

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The wireless network provides public IPv6 native connectivity without tunnelling.