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The Oficina de Relacions Exteriors i Participació (OREiP) was born in 2013 to respond to the huge amount of incoming and outgoing students that the Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication (FFTiC) has.

Its main points are:

  • Advise the Incoming Students about the process and steps they have to follow in the University and improve their integration in the University community. From what to do when they first arrive in Valencia to the social aspects of the University life and social in the city.
  • Propose activities that reenforce the own values of the internationalization as language-cultural Exchange, intergenerational exchanges or integration activities. The OREiP looks forward to the participation and creativity of the student-body.
  • Preparation of materials and useful information to encourage and promote exchange programs.

For this, it has a space in the Faculty in which students from different grades perform and where students are served, their doubts are solved or they are put in contact with the appropriate person.