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Delivery of the courses

  • Information on each course-date, contents, credits, teaching staff, classroom, timetable- is available in the student portal.
  • When appropriate, information of changes will be given via e-mail.
  • Courses must reach a minimum of 23 enrolled students to be performed. In the event of not reaching this minimum, the course will be cancelled and the students enrolled in it will receive an email with the instructions to follow in order to arrange the refund of fees.


Course fees

Credits People connected to the University People not connected to the University 
1 credit course 25,25 € 35,35 €
2 credits course 50,50 € 70,70 €
3 credits course 75,75 € 106,05 €
4 credits course 101 € 141,40 €


Refund of fees

The refund of tuition fees can be claimed in the following cases:

  • Cancellation of the course due to lack of enrolment (maximum of three months since the notification of cancellation).
  • Administrative error (Within 3 months since the notification).
  • Changing of course dates by the teaching staff (Within 3 months since the notification).
  • Serious illness (Within 3 months since the notification).
  • Incompatibility of times for work (until the day of the beginning of the course).
  • Incompatibility of times with regulated subjects (never between extension courses)(until the day of the beginning of the course).
  • Documented justification will be required in all cases.

The refunding of fees will not be admitted in the case of student error.

There are two types of processing:

  1. In person, going to the University Extension Service (C/ Amadeu de Savoia, 4) with the documentation specified below.
  2. Submitting the scanned documents to the e-mail address cursosextensio@uv.es.


  • ID card
  • Proof of payment of the corresponding fee
  • Number of the bank account in which the student requesting the refund is the holder


Certification of the course

For the issuance of the attendance certificate is necessary to be enrolled in the course and meet, at least, 80% attendance.

As a general rule, the certificates will be handed out at the last session of the course. In case the student cannot attend the last session, he/she must contact the professor.



The self-enrolment process of the extension courses is carried out through the UV student portal:

Route: Non-official studies and activities enrollment -- Enrollment on University Extension Service activities -- Log in as associate user (enrolled students of the University of Valencia) or register as new user (for the remainder).

The self-enrolment is open until the previous working day before the begining of each course.

The payment of the courses is by credit card.

The payment must be made in a period of 24h from the pre-registration to the course.

Once this period has elapsed, the pre-registration and the possibility of booking will be cancelled.

Here you can see an explanatory document of the self-enrolment process:


More information

E-mail: cursosextensio@uv.es

Phone number: 963 98 38 00