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Extension Courses – Students

  • I cannot register online. Shall I register by phone?

No, registration is exclusively online. You can come to our offices and make use of the computers provided for students.


  • The last day of the course I could not attend it and I was not given the certification. How and where shall I collect it?

If you want to collect your certificate, you need to go to the University Extension Service. You may check by phone if the code of the course is already available.


Extension Courses – Teachers

  • There is a student who is attending the course but his signature is not in the signature sheet. What should I do?

You must get in touch as soon as possible with the University Extension Service to check what is happening. Meanwhile, you should add by hand his data and the signature on the signature sheet.


  • There is a student who has attended the course and has paid the receipt, but he/she does not appear in the final act. What should I do?

You need to add by hand on the final act indicating that the given student should go to the University Extension Service with the receipt of the course. Once the act is at the Service and checking the receipt, we will give him/her the certificate of attendance.


  • How and when I will receive the documentation on the course competition?

If further instructions are not received, the documentation is sent to the Teachers' Department / a responsible or appropriate entity, the day before the course completion. In some cases, there may come the day of completion.


  • What should I do with documentation of course completion?

Once the act is signed it will be sent as soon as possible to University Extension Service along with the signature sheets. Students' certificates which are not delivered, the payroll / invoice of the course and, if the course evaluation.