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  • When I submit the application form for a course at the Servei, am I already admitted to the course?

Yes, the fact of delivering the application form to the Office of the Secretary of the Servei d’Extensió means that you are already enrolled in the course. If there are no places left, the staff of the Servei will inform you when you submit your application. There is also the possibility of being placed on the waiting list. You will be notified if there is a vacancy.


  • If I have presented the registration form at the Servei, can I cancel my place on the course later?

No. When you present the form at the Servei you are enrolled and this registration is fixed. We take into account your registration to calculate if there are enough students or not to do the course.

Therefore, if you are not sure if you can attend the course or if you will like it, do not register until a few days before the course starts.

Once the form is presented, you can only cancel the course due to exceptional circumstances (illness, unplanned operation, a new job, etc.).


  • What if I do not like the course that I started?

This reason is not grounds for enrolment cancellation. At the finish of the course you can give your opinion to the Servei staff.


  • What if the course I have enrolled in is cancelled, how will I find out?

When a course is cancelled a few days before its start, the Servei will inform you by e-mail. If you do not confirm your email, we will try to contact you by phone.


  • Is it possible to cancel a course in which I am enrolled?

Regrettably, if we do not reach the minimum number of students to form the group, the course has to be cancelled.


  • How can I know in which classroom will be given the course that I have enrolled?

A few days before the beginning of each course, the classroom will be announced on the Servei website, in the monographic courses section. It will be also posted on the information board.

If you have any questions, you can contact the staff of the Servei either by email (naugranenobert@uv.es) or by phone (96 398 38 00).