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AS4EDI20 participants develop pre-technical implementation tasks and initiate compliance and connectivity testing

  • January 28th, 2022
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The implementing participants of the AS4E4DI20 project have carried out the technical and functional requirements analysis of the initiative, as well as presented the solution design and implementation planning schedule in their own Individual Solution Design Report. They are currently immersed in the compliance and connectivity tests carried out with the CEF support team, which ensure that the Access Points (APs) promoted by the European Commission in its eDelivery programme meet the strict quality criteria established to ensure their reliability and security.

Once the CEF testing phase is completed, a new phase of the AS4EDI20 consortium will be initiated in which interoperability tests will be performed. At this stage, each implementing participant will perform these tests with at least two APs of participating entities and these tests will include the use of each entity's production-ready solution to confirm all steps of the data exchange process. The task covers the operation of each implementing participant's AP and SMP for one year.

Regarding the requirements analysis and solution design, the members of the initiative have developed the preliminary tasks for the technical implementation of the AS4 and the SMPs of the implementing participants of this consortium. Each of them has carried out its study with the support of the University of Valencia.

In addition, the beneficiaries of the action collaborate with the coordinating entity to exchange their experiences as IT providers in different Member States, which can lead to both new cross-border business alliances of the implementing partners and to a better understanding of the potential markets of the digital information sector in other Member States for eDelivery services.

Validated ID from Spain, Pantarei Soluzioni Informatiche, S.A.T.A. and Promofarma from Italy, Ionite from the Netherlands and Globaltnet from Latvia are part of this initiative. The AS4EDI2020 project, coordinated by the Institute on Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies (IRTIC) and co-funded by the European Commission through the CEF Telecom programme managed by HaDEA, will enable a large number of European entities to use the AS4-compliant eDelivery services provided by the consortium members.

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