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EUROLogin2020 will facilitate EU citizens and businesses access to the eID services of the participating EDI providers

  • March 30th, 2021
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It has just been signed the European project CEF EUROLogin2020, coordinated by the Institute on Robotics and Communication Technologies (IRTIC) of the University of Valencia. This an initiative that will last 17 months and will integrate the digital identification (eID) Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) into the systems of three European electronic data interchange (EDI) providers.

In this way, European citizens and businesses will be able to identify themselves digitally to carry out transactions or any type of management, regardless of where they live. To this end, three EDI providers will be integrated into the national exchange nodes (eIDAS), which will be made accessible to citizens and businesses.

The cloud platform of Generix, the partner from France, will be connected to the French eIDAS node, while the one of Nubilaria from Italy will be connected to the one of its respective country, as the HeadON one, from Netherland, will do. This action is cofinanced by the European Commission.

Thus, their services will be available for cross-border authentication in a production environment by the end of the Action. EUROLogin2020 will promote the uptake and use of the eID DSI and will facilitate access to the services provided by the three EDI providers to all EU citizens and businesses using their national eID, ensuring cross-border mobility and giving support to the Digital Single Market.

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