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FACe: Adapting the European Electronic Invoice to the Spanish format

  • November 1st, 2017

The University of Valencia participates through the IRTIC in a research project funded by the European Commission to make the European standard of electronic invoicing compatible with the Spanish format.

The kick-off meeting of the FACe project took place last September at the offices of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function at María de Molina Street, in Madrid. FACE stands for: The core platform of the Spanish public authorities to process the European standard on electronic invoice (INEA / CEF / ICT / A2016 / 1330507). The meeting was attended by all the participants in the project: the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, the company Leading Management Technology SL, Diputación de Ciudad Real, the University of Murcia, the University of Zaragoza (coordinator), INVINET - B2BROUTER, the City Council of Madrid and the University of Valencia.

The objective of the FACe project is to promote the integration of electronic invoices generated in European Union countries with the format that is currently being used in Spain. Directive 2014/55/UE establishes the obligation of Member States to accept electronic invoices in public contracts, following the European standard (CEN), before November 27, 2018. Currently, Spain is using its own format for the electronic invoice (Facturae) that is not completely compatible with the European format. Therefore, it is not possible for Spanish administrations to accept electronic invoices from EU countries without modifying their computer systems.

FACe raises the possibility of making a translation between formats (from European to Spanish), taking advantage of the centralized platform of the MINAFP (FACE) for the receipt of invoices in Facturae format. To achieve this goal, the semantic differences between the contents of both formats must be overcome, which may entail a modification of the current Facturae format.

The validation of the work carried out in the project will be done through a set of tests that will be done in the accounting departments of the members of the project that participate as users, namely, Diputación de Ciudad Real, Ayuntamiento de Madrid and the 3 Universities. The IRTIC participates as technological advisor of the UV to define the requirements and functional tests that must be carried out, as well as performing the analysis of the results and the preparation of the documentation resulting from the participation in the pilot project.

It is expected to achieve a very high degree of integration between the formats of the electronic invoices, so that a direct jump to the market can be achieved in the few months following the end of the project. In this way, the University of Valencia will be one of the first Spanish administrations that will comply with the European directive and will accept invoices from EU member countries.

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Project FACe - The core platform of the Spanish public authorities to process the European standard on electronic invoice (INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1330507) is co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility

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