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Biomimetic systems try to copy the shape or behaviour of biological systems in order to create machines and processes more effective. Such systems extend the capabilities of machines adding to this a human behaviour or extend the abilities of humans with the help of machines or mechatronic components designed specifically for this purpose. The design and development of biomimetic systems have to be seen from two parallel views: from the development of the mechatronic systems and from the graphic systems that shape the physical of the real world and the biological features that we want to emulate. This project aims to investigate the new design of mechatronic biomimetic systems and the multimodal interfaces needed for copying biomimetic features and for improving the interaction between human and computer and of the system with the environment. All this oriented towards the development of IAD devices (Intelligent Assist Devices), mechatronic devices (or robots) for helping people in their workplace tasks. This implies, on the one hand, to research in new technologies related to “wearable” robotics: New actuators and sensors based on non-conventional technologies and new materials, new kinematic concepts based on nature (Biomimicry) and new position/strength controllers for such systems. On the other hand, this implies to research in technologies of virtual prototyping and multimodal interfaces: Integration of human motion capture systems; improvement of interaction techniques for computers in the industrial design environments based on the usage of multimodal interfaces. Moreover, all these will be applied to the development of IADs bio-robotics applications

During the development of this project the ARTEC group has investigated how to apply motion capture techniques, multimodal interaction and augmented reality to an orthopedic brace of 5 degrees of freedom.

Software for evaluating prototypes.


Ergonomic study of the right arm and the software created for this one.

Start date:

July / 2007.

End date:

May / 2009.

Partners: Ministry of Science and Education (DPI2006-14928-C02)
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