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Telematic Services Engineering: Aspects of information dissemination through different mediums and technologies (WAP, WEB, VOICE, etc.). Passenger information systems or services.

Activities related to this research line:

Development of information portals for the usage of PDA

In this line we are working in the development of a multilingual traffic information portal, which can be accessed from the PDA Pocket PC type.
The objective is to enable the dissemination of traffic information through different mobile devices such as PDA, enabling a multilingual access.

Information exchange between on-board devices in trucks and external devices

Development of a system for the exchange of information between trucks and external devices for monitoring the goods through the use of a conceptual infrastructure based on ontologies.
The objective is allowing the annotation in the place of origin or in any intermediate point where the load of a truck may suffer a modification or even where the cabin is separated from its initial trailer, of the entire load kept in the truck.

Study and development of WAP services for the dissemination of traffic information and for the access to databases.
This activity is based on the creation and on the improvement of updates in the Catalan Traffic Service and the General Directorate of traffic information respectively, from the WAP portals for managing the information of traffic incidents.
The new solutions developed not only include the improvements required in the interface, but it also includes the access to the information in multiple languages.

Development of WEB/WAP application for the integration of traffic images.
The project consists in the study of techniques and its possible application for transferring camera images to cell phones.
Study on video streaming (images) through wireless devices.
Study on the development of voice services for the dissemination of traffic information and access to databases.
Development of a traffic incident alert system based on voicemails, emails and text messages for the administrations SCT and DGT and feasibility studies about a voice portal.

Development of ontologies and development of applications based on techniques of the Semantic Web and Web services

Development of ontologies oriented towards specific domains, which may favour the assumption of common frameworks and conceptual structures of consensus, establishing itself as key instruments of the management of knowledge in organisations and work teams.
Usage of ontologic infrastructure for enabling the exchange, distribution and information retrieval between systems, organisations, work teams and users.
Development of semantic web portals accessible to any user.

Distribution of information through the publication of semantic contents.

Monitoring systems, control and advanced representation of traffic data.

This line of work focuses on the preparation of studies about systems for monitoring traffic parameters, based on different technologies. Comparative analysis between systems and different technologies, design of new sensors, development of new applications for collecting information based on mobile communications technologies. Modeling and design of traffic information databases, standardization and normalisation. Design and implementation of applications for optimizing the routes and journeys time. Utilities for the geographic representation of information, TMC and alert-C coordinate systems and development of GIS applications.

 ITS Engineering projects (Intelligent Transport Systems).

This line of work focuses on technical assistance for the drafting of projects and management of works installation of ITS systems in tunnels and roads. Audit of facilities and ITS systems are also included, such as surveillance facilities, safety and control in tunnels, traffic control centre.