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Since its foundation, INTRAS's objectives have changed and diversified substantially to become, in terms of Transport, Traffic, Mobility and Road Safety, the following:

  • Enable various university researchers, primarily from the University of Valencia and from different departments and areas of knowledge, to coordinate their efforts, research and actions more effectively.
  • To have a university center specialized in this field, so its need is obvious, since there are no university institutions specialized in the important field of action to which the Institute is directed in the Valencian Community, nor in the rest of the Spanish State, as hardly in the world.

Consequently, INTRAS aims to provide a response from the Academy to some of the greatest challenges facing society today: the problems arising from mobility, such as mainly road accidents and environmental degradation, so it focuses its efforts on

  • Contributing to the development of actions that benefit society in this area.
  • To promote research, development and innovation based on theoretical and practical specialization in all fields and dimensions of its objectives, in order to increase knowledge as a principle for the development of customized solutions.
  • To participate in agreements, contracts and technical, scientific and teaching cooperation agreements with private and public institutions, whether local, national or international, that are linked, directly or indirectly, to the Institute's field of action
  • To provide teaching, specialized training and improvement of all professionals who are involved or interested and intervene in the field, as well as users and citizens in general.
  • Disseminate the results of research and interventions carried out by the Institute, both through the scientific media and the Mass Media, in order to increase knowledge and awareness.
  • To provide private and public institutions with all kinds of services, advice, issuing opinions, carrying out studies and projects in the wide field of action of the Institute.
  • To continue to promote contacts with international research groups and centers that have overlapping objects and interests, in order to achieve a common policy, promoting scientific exchanges.