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SINTEC (SImulation and New TEChnologies) is a research group of the Institute of Traffic and Road Safety (INTRAS) of the University of Valencia which uses the technologies of Virtual Reality and Driving Simulation as a valuable tool for Road Safety-related investigations and applications.

We have developed numerous projects with public institutions and private companies using our Driving Simulator and other technological devices.


We are looking for students, researchers, institutions or companies interested in using a well-tested experimental situation based in the driving simulator SIMUVEG for carrying out experiments in our facilities. Examples of experiments that can be performed with SIMUVEG are:

  • Efects of substances on driving
  • Personality traits and driving
  • Manipulation of devices while driving
  • Risk factors and driving
  • Health and driving
  • etc.

Please, send an email to to contact us if you are interested in any of these topics.