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Sustainable Campus' goals

Dimensions and goals of the Sustainable Campus

This are the goals Sustainable Campus has for each one of the dimensions.

Dimensions Goals
A. Cultural dimension
Education and research
A.1. Promoting health and sustainability culture of the University community.
A.2. Training the staff and the students in the area of sustainability.
A.3. Assessment of the specific skills on sustainability in training programmes and monitoring its implementation.
A.4. Supporting own research initiatives to contribute to create a more sustainable University and society.
A.5. Spreading and bringing close to society the research activity and its results in the area of sustainability.
B. Environmental and Economic Dimension B.1. Encouraging the accessibility as a mean to favour the equal opportunities.
B.2. Transforming the campus into suitable spaces for life and needs of the University community, open in the city and responsible to the environment.
B.3. Carrying out the University activities to neutralise or minimise the negative environmental impacts.
B.4. Improving the environmental behaviour of the procurement and contracting systems, construction and services.
B.5. Implement the Healthy University Project.
C. Institutional Dimension
Healthy and Sustainable Campus
C.1. Coordinating the structures, activities and services related to sustainability.
C.2. Promote quality improvement processes related to sustainability.
D. Social dimension
Social commitment and participation.
D.1. Encouraging volunteering in area of sustainability.
D.2. Implementing a sustainable mobility programme.
D. 3. Encouraging fair trade.
D .4. Promoting a consistent model of interaction with the environment based on partnerships with local, national and international networks and institutions related to sustainability.