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The Universitat dels Majors in Massamagrell emerges from the strong commitment of the Massamagrell’s City Hall for the training over the life and the active ageing, with the support of the Universitat de València. The Universitat dels Majors is specially addressed to people from l’Horta Nord and is destined to people over 50 years old with curiosity for learning and motivation for culture.

It is set up in Massamagrell in the academic year 2013-2014 through a multidisciplinary 360 hour itinerary divided into three 120 hour academic courses each.

The Universitat dels Majors in Massamagrell presents different contents distributed among the following:

  • The core subjects. Four each course, with 24 hours each subject. They guarantee a basic introduction to several subjects;
    • First course: Psychology, Economics, Health, Music.
  • The conferences. Four each course. They include a varied offer of topics of general interest.
  • The free-elective subjects that are offered from the 2014-2015 academic year and that the students will chose regarding their interests.