Mobility Programmes Useful Guide for XI Internacional Week

 General Information

Requirements for participation in International Programs  (IP) – Outgoing

Only undergraduate students are accepted to the International Programme. Applications for Practicum, Internship or similar programs will not be accepted. Even though some of these programs belong in study plans, only those run directly by a faculty will be considered.

Business, Law and Pharmecy students will find it very difficult to be admitted by North American Universities.

The Faculty of Medecin (Medecin and Dentistry) is not participating in de International Program. Medecin students are not admitted to participate in the International Program.

  1.  To have successfully completed 42 credits in undergraduate degrees or 60 credits in five-year degrees (Licenciaturas and Ingenierías but only those with presential classes in A/Y 2013-2014), counted until the end of the previous academic year.
  2. To be enrolled in official studies at the University of Valencia at the time of application and during the period of the stay.
  3.  Not to have already participated in a University of Valencia International Exchange Programme even through another degree programme.
  4. Not to participate in the same academic year in any other mobility programme (SICUE or Erasmus). You can enroll in Erasmus Intership but in a deffernt semester.

Selection criteria

The applications will be prioritized taking into account the difference between the students's average grade and the average grade of the student's degree programme.

Other academic criteria, as the syllabus compatibility or the existence of the degree in the university of destination, can be applied.

In the case of Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Universities, knowledge of chinese, japanese and portuguese language is a merit for the assignment of places.

Placements may not be filled if there are no adequate candidates in a specific degree programme.


Contacts/ Coordinators for Degree Programmes

Before choosing a destination, please consult any academic doubts regarding your studies with different coordinators. Here is a list of academic coordinators at the University of Valencia.

Phases of International Programme

Phases and Grants for International Programme