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Valencia City Chair

The City of Valencia Chair, which is an agreement signed between the Universitat de València and the City Council of Valencia, has been created with the perspective of setting up a national and international benchmark of participation of the University as a strategic partner in the joined-up reflection of ways of thinking and city making; of being a structural and boosting instrument of mutual knowledge; of being a platform of dialogue of the city with its social, cultural, technological and economic environment and of being a unifying pillar of the existent diverse perspectives in the city approach.

Training, cultural, research and university extension activities are contemplated, aimed to promote and develop relationships between the Universitat de València and the city of Valencia so that participation of the university community is promoted in those aspects of the strategic development of Valencia for a further progress of Valencia and its influence area facing the diversity of its social actors and in all its dimensions (governance, technological, economic, social, cultural, quality of life and sustainability).

Director: Julia Salom