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Action lines

During the year 2015 the action of the Chair for Privacy and Digital Transformation of the Universitat de València will be focused on the following work lines

1.- Disclosure of the values of privacy, safety and digital transformation in the Universitat de València and in society.

This task will be developed through the creation and participation in events of the Universitat de València generally addressed to students like i.e. sessions about career options, seminars addressed to the awareness in privacy and safety in different knowledge areas and collaboration with other chairs and researchers.

2.- Activities development in specific subjects.

The Chair will organise events aiming to address issues related with its aims in the following areas:

  • Health, research and digital transformation.
  • Information safety.
  • Fundamental right for the data protection and sectoral developments:
    • General Regulation of data protection.
    • The impact of the Directive over the data protection when it comes to police.
  • Provision of services in Internet and “Lawful Acces”.

3.- Content creation and multimedia materials.

All action lines will be focused in the content creation whether in text, audio or video formats and they can be available for the community from the platforms of the Universitat de València.