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Training on ‘Strategic public procurement for the civil service of the Universitat de València’

  • June 26th, 2023

The Office of the Vice-Principal for Sustainability, Cooperation and Healthy Life, following the work agenda on the inclusion of sustainability in public procurement, has offered a course on Strategic Public Procurement.

Organised by the Chair for Cooperation and Sustainable Development, the seminar has had the promotion of the IDEAS team, represented by David Comet of the University of Córdoba.

The learning space has gathered the concerns of the technical staff to create a practical guide for the UV administration, facilitating the incorporation of environmental and social criteria in contracts in a simple and legally secure way.

During two days, the possibilities and obligations of the current state-level procurement law and, especially, the DECREE 118/2022, of 5 August, of the Valencian Council, which regulates the inclusion of social responsibility clauses in public procurement and in calls for grants and subsidies, were presented.