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Fotograma. Una mujer tumbada en un sofá
Eloísa está debajo de un almendro

Nits de Cinema. Alu(cine): Entre la razón y la sinrazón


ELOÍSA ESTÁ DEBAJO DE UN ALMENDRO (Spanish for Eloísa is under an almond tree)

Rafael Gil / 1943 / 73 min. / Comedy / B&W / Spain / PG / Original Version in Spanish


Presentation and colloquium by Áurea Ortiz.



After his studies abroad, Fernando returns home. There he will have to take on a mysterious mission that his late father has entrusted to him in a letter: to find the person responsible for the death of his lover.

In his investigations, Fernando encounters all sorts of strange characters closer to madness than he could ever have imagined.

One of the best post-war comedies, an adaptation of Jardiel Poncela directed by Rafael Gil and starring the best actors of the 1940s: Amparo Rivelles, Rafael Durán, Guadalupe Muñoz Sampedro and Alberto Romea.



Rafael Gil


Rafael Gil. Based on the play by Enrique Jardiel Poncela


Amparo Rivelles, Rafael Durán, Guadalupe Muñoz Sampedro, Juan Espantaleón, Alberto Romea. 


Alfredo Fraile


Juan Quintero



Free entry, limited capacity

Registration: https://events.fundacio.es/o/61



Date 12 july 2022 at 22:00 to 23:59. Tuesday.


Place Cloister. La Nau Cultural Centre

Organized by

Cinema Club of the Universitat de València

Col: Interact, European Cooperation Day.


Contact auladecinema@uv.es

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