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Una mano deposita una papeleta electoral.
Union Elections 2022

The union elections for 2022 will take place until 1st December.

On 5th September, the election notice was received from several union organisations, in which we were informed that the start of the process was on 6th October 2022.

All information related to this process will be published on this page (https://www.uv.es/uvweb/servicio-recursos-humanos-pas/es/elecciones-sindicales-1285931309947.html).


Date From 6 october 2022 to 1 december 2022. 24h. Every day.



Organized by

Union Section.


Contact eleccions.juntapas@uv.es; eleccions.juntapdi@uv.es; eleccions.comit.emp@uv.es

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