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Research in the field of social services is still a recent area in the Spanish university. The SESECO group aims to contribute to the knowledge and research visibility of social services, all in general, but with greater depth, community social services, understanding these as a tool that reduces social inequalities and favours social justice.

The SESECO Group of the Universitat de València has as main objective the knowledge of the Social Problems of the most immediate environment, directing its actions towards the local level to contribute to the development of the social structures and the welfare of the citizens counting on its participation as an axis strategic.

Lastly, the objectives of the SESECO research group intend to participate in the creation and development of new concepts, instruments and evaluations in the field of social services and the territory, so that excellent and sustainable territories can be effectively promoted around the social spending and social welfare.

Research lines

Currently, the research lines in which they are working in:

  • Municipal Social Services
  • Social Representations of vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion
  • Public policies in the field of family, childhood, adolescence and youth 
  • Welfare and Social Protection Policies: health, education, pensions and social services 
  • Promotion of personal autonomy, independent living and of people with different abilities
  • Planning of the socio-educational intervention: family and non-regulated training
  • Territorial diagnoses: plans for inclusion and social cohesion, equality plans, reconciliation plans, work and family life