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The Chair for Linguistic Rights (CDL) of the Universitat de València is the result of a collaboration agreement between the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government), through the Valencian Ministry for research, Research, Culture and Sport, and the Universitat de València.

The agreement, signed the 10th June 2019, creates a stable and collaborative framework that will allow the promotion of training, cultural, research, university extension and scientific dissemination activities, aimed at knowledge and dissemination of linguistic rights and the value of multilingualism.

The Chair will give preferential attention to legal and political studies, without excluding contributions on linguistic rights and multilingualism in any scientific discipline.

One of the main objectives of the CDL is to establish ways of collaborating with institutions, universities and civil society organisations in Spain, Europe and abroad which, on a multidisciplinary basis, work in favour of linguistic rights and multilingualism, taking special account of the realities of linguistic and cultural minorities.

This initiative was born at the service of the Valencian society and its institutions, with the aim of establishing effective links between the academic, institutional and social spheres and with the citizens; everything constituting a space of reference for the analysis, research and dissemination of the aspects and matters related to linguistic rights and multilingualism, especially of the minority groups.

Directors of the Chair: Vicenta Tasa Fuster and Rafael Castelló