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Work lines

This agreement provides for training, cultural, research and university extension activities aimed at the knowledge and permanent dissemination of linguistic rights and multilingualism. Among others, the following are expected:

  • To motivate university academic research in the field of language rights and multilingualism, by means of pre and post-Doctoral grants, research work, Doctoral Theses, Degree Final Projects and Master’s Degree Final Projects, prizes for Degree Final Projects or Master’s Degree Final Projects, general research prizes and the establishment of cooperation systems between other state and international universities. 


  • To establish systems of collaboration with national and international civil society institutions or networks working towards common objectives. 


  • To consolidate the Chair as a centre for exchange, debate and reflection, through the organization of congresses, meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences with specialists and of a legal, political and multidisciplinary nature.


  • To promote training courses on language rights and multilingualism, with incentives for educational cooperation with other universities. 


  • To conduct scientific dissemination activities, considering, among others, the realization of exhibitions, conferences and activities, in general, of transference and dissemination of research results.


  • To define an action strategy by which all the training, cultural, research, publication and university extension activities of the Chair are aimed at the knowledge and permanent dissemination of linguistic rights and policies to promote multilingualism all over the world. More specifically in the scope of the European Union, Spain and the Valencian Community, with special reference to the knowledge of the jurisprudence, the legal culture around these rights and the existing public policies, in order to make linguistic rights effective and really guarantee them. 


  • To encourage any other activity in which the parties to the agreement establishing the Chair are interested and which is consistent with the purposes of the Chair.