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Professional Itinerary

Professional Itinerary in the Master's Degree in Business Process Planning and Management:
Financing your master's degree and obtaining professional experience by practicing and developing the TFM in a compan

During the 2018-2019 course, the Master's Degree in Business Process Planning and Management launches a new initiative, the Professional Itinerary, with a double objective:

1.- To help students in the financing of the master's degree practicing with a remuneration higher than the rates of the master's.

2.- Achieve that the students finish the master's degree with a solid professional experience (via practical) that introduces them into the business reality and facilitates their labor insertion.

Upon completion of the Master's Degree, the students participating in this Itinerary will have 1400 hours of professional experience obtained through the practice of TFM business and development.


The Professional Itinerary has 3 phases that will be carried out within the same company:

1st Phase: Extracurricular practices. First year student of the Master. 400 hours from March to July (half day). Grant salary: minimum € 300 / month.

2nd Phase: Curricular practices. Second year student of the Master. 500 hours from September to November (full time). Grant salary: minimum € 600 / month.

3rd Phase: TFM. Second year students of the Master's. 500 hours from December to February (full time). Grant salary: minimum € 600 / month.

The TFM, adapted to the objectives of the master, will be proposed and defined by the company and will respond to a real need for it. This project will be carried out at the premises of the company in which the student has already completed stages 1 and 2 of this itinerary. The TFM will be co-sponsored by a Master's degree and a company professional. At the end of March there will be a day of reading of specific TFMs for students who have followed this itinerary.


The selection of students for the first phase will be done by the companies that participate in the program.

At the end of the first phase, the company will decide whether or not it continues with the student for the second and third stages.

Places in the Professional Itinerary will be limited.



See the spanish version for more information.