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The Master has as the priority objective the initiation of research and professional specialisation: Our current society requires professionals capable of developing, in both research and industry fields, activities in which organix chemistry plays a fundamental role such as synthesis of technological interesting materials, synthesis of drugs and other conpounds showing biological activity, etc. The proposed Master’s Degree in Experimental and Industrial  Organic Chemistry will allow students to receive a solid training in Organic Chemistry, (both theoretical and practical) that will prepare them for a professional career in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry and also for an academic career through a doctoral thesis.

The contents in the study proposal involve an extensive education in a wide range of areas in the Organic Chemistry and will be taught, apart from Department Professors,  by eminent specialists in their respective fields that guarantee a high-quality training for students. Additionally, master's degree final project completes the acquired education in theoretical subjects to gain the skills and habits required in an organic chemistry research laboratory.

This Master’s degree intends to provide a training in advanced Organic Chemistry with special emphasis in its experimental aspect, including the scientific aspects in the research field and the applied and technological aspects in each of the chosen subjects. The students will acquire in this Master’s degree the combination of attitudes, knowledge and abilities required to carry out professional activities in which an organic chemist can be involved, both in the academic field and in the industry. A specific feature of the studies is the training in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the different aspects related to its industrial dimension in the research and production section.

Programme graduates, apart from the possibility to continue with a research or academic career in the area, will have a very valued education by the chemical industry in general and also by chemical-pharmaceutical industry specially. As in other industrial activities, it is very clear that companies and sector will only survive to the challenges posed by globalisation and offshoring by intensifying the scientific, technologic and innovative component. Master’s training programme pursues, definitely, to achieve that our graduates have an excellent theoretical and practical formation in order to find an interesting job in the european market, in addition to help chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical spanish industry take a leap in quality.  Thus, the Master’s degree influence is not only restricted to Valencia’s Province but to all national territory, with clear influences in European countries.