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  • Seminars and rooms for tutorial activities
  • Seminar of the Department of Organic Chemistry
  • Reservation of rooms for specific activities at the Faculty of Chemistry Reception website


Computer Lecture Room

  • Computer Room of the Faculty of Chemistry, for face-to-face teaching in which the use of computers is required.

Library and Study Rooms

  • Library of the Campus, usage of books, journals, study rooms, teamwork rooms, etc.

Available Virtual Media

Access to Public Information

In the section 4.1 you can find the accesses to public information before the pre-registration and registration procedures of students (web page, notice board, etc.).

Access to Bibliographical Resources

Students have access to a large number of journals and periodical publications as well as to databases through the website of the library of the University or through the web pages of these journals.
They have also access to a great catalogue of scientific e-books through the ‘Trobes’ application of the Libraries and Documentation Service.

Public Information during the Master’s degree

In the web page of the Faculty of Chemistry, and in the web of the Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry, all the information about the master’s degree and the calendar of activities and exams of the subjects will be published during the entire academic year.

Access to Internal Information, Communication and Acquisition of Teaching Resources of Students

  • Master’s degree mailing list
    • Students, professors and technical and administration staff of the master’s degree are part, during the academic year, of the mailing list that facilitates the communication between all members.
  • Master’s degree virtual space
    • The direction of the Master’s degree and professors will have access to the Master’s degree folder (‘carpeta muqo’), available in a section of the where they will be able to include files useful for the development of the master’s degree. Students will have access to the mentioned folder to have all the uploaded files.
  • Virtual Classroom
    • The UV Virtual Classroom allows multiple activities and communication between professors and students, introduction of teaching materials and several learning resources and those aspects directly related with the continuous evaluation, marks, consultation or revision hours, sending and reception of news to be up-to-date with the latest news, that due to its interest becomes indispensable.

Other General Services of the UV

UV Services collaborating more directly with teaching and administrative management of the Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry are:

Likewise, there are other cooperative services of interest that help and give advice: