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Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Biomedicine, what should you know before studying it?

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What are really biotechnology and biomedicine and why specialising in them can result interesting for students?

19 april 2016

Continuing your studies by doing a Master’s Degree is the option that more and more students choose since it allows for widening your knowledge, as well as the professionalisation in a much more specific and delimited field that can be chosen regarding personal interests.  The Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Biomedicine attracts any person interested in science, biology, chemistry, biomedicine or technological research, as it is the case of the students that have already received a previous training in the field of the disciplines of health or science, as biotechnologists, biochemists or medical scientists.

 What do you need to know before studying the Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Biomedicine?

The knowledge in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology has an aspect of undoubted transfer, since it is being applied to the development of new therapies, products and services. The methods developed in these field underline the most state-of-the-art advances in medicine and agriculture and, therefore, they contribute to improve our environment, our economic welfare and our health. The students interested in continuing their studies in this field have to take into account some aspects:

 1. We have to be sure that that Master’s Degree is recognised by a university and that it has a regulated and updated curriculum. We also have to be interested in the currency of its subjects, the quality of the facilities and the teaching body and in the accreditation and evaluation procedures to which it has been subjected.

2. This curriculum must have practical and theoretical subjects, practices in laboratories and work placements in renowed firms. In the case of subjects such as Practical cases in Biomedicine and Biotechnology or Practical cases in Biotechnology firms . These contents are oriented in offering specialised training that also allow for research training, which makes possible the access to the Doctoral Studies.

3. Knowing who teaches the classes and what entities collaborate in the curriculum. If the master’s degree has renowned professors in the field of these studies they can result much more beneficial and can open the doors to the labour market, either duet to the knowledges obtained or due to the work placements.

4. Considering the facilities of the master’s degree. The workplace and the place to do research is very important when choosing to study a determined master’s degree, since having modern and cutting edge facilities from the technological point of view may be a complement for our future.

5. Tutorial assistance: it is vital that your doubts are listened to and that you have the support by the professors during the year that you carry out the master’s degree. Having access to a good tutorial assistance can be of great help and without doubt it will make that your studies are much easier.

6. Complementing the curriculum with related seminars, practical activities, collaborations, conferences and congresses. That within the subjects it is promoted complementary training activities, which is a great way of specialising and knowing the most practical aspects of the topic.

7. Possibility of continuing with Doctoral Studies. If the curriculum of the master’s degree is aimed to continue with the academic research, you can continue your training through a PhD in Biotechnology and Biomedicine, a way that you should not reject to be able of reaching the highest level of the profession.

The Universitat de València knows that when we talk about biotechnology and biomedicine, we talk about a rising activity and a very specialised professional field that claims a rigorous preparation and an appropriate training to face the current picture in which Biotechnology and Biomedicine move. Therefore, the Master’s Degree in R&D Biotechnology and Biomedicine has each and everyone of these aspects. For more information, click here.


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