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Programme code: 3102

Regulations: Real Decreto 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Sciences

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Organised by:Faculty of Biological Sciences

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participating Universities:University of Valencia (General Study)

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Places available for new students: 40 places

Aims: The aim of the programme is the multidisciplinary training of students in the fields of Biomedicine and Biotechnology using theoretical, methodological and research approaches. The future doctors will be able to show a systematic understanding of molecular approaches, as well as a mastering of skills and research methods related to molecular technologies for research in health sciences and biotechnology; to conceive, to design, to put into practice and to adopt a substantial research process with academic rigour; to prepare an original research in some of the research lines of the programme; to make critical analysis, assessments and synthesis of new and complex ideas in this field.

Description: The interest of bio-molecular disciplines has shifted from the specific research of its fields to the laboratory applications of the health area and to the biotechnological companies, in a process of scientific and social implications. On the one hand, the future professionals of Molecular Sciences should master the foundations of organism behaviour of biotechnological interest or of the human organism in health and disease states, and to adapt its specific terminology to the professional area, for facilitating the exchange of knowledge on diagnosis, prognosis, experimental and therapeutic components of biotechnological and healthcare processes. On the other hand, the professionals of molecular life sciences should know deeply the methodological tools of their field and its analytical potential, in an interdisciplinary perspective that is imposed on the future of these work areas. This doctoral programme aims to train specialists who deal rigorously with this dialogue and research of such importance.

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