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Entry requirements:

1. To have taken and completed a minimum of 60 ECTS of the followings Master’s Degrees of the University of Valencia:

  • Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Assisted Human Reproduction
  • Master’s Degree in Molecular, Cellular and Genetic Biology
  • Master’s Degree in Molecular Approaches in Health Sciences
  • Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics
  • Master's Degree in research and development in Biotechnology and Biomedicine

2. To have passed 60 credits included in one or more University Master’s degrees.

This modality may include training complements

3. To hold a Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (Tertiary Education Diploma) obtained according to the provisions of the Royal Decree 77/1998, 30 April, or to have reached the research proficiency regulated by the Royal Decree 185/1985, 23 January.

4. To hold an Undergraduate Degree whose duration according to the rules of Community Law is at least of 300 credits.

In the cases 2, 3 and 4 of the entry requirements and depending of the project Doctoral thesis presented, the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme will consider if the studies taken are equivalent to those required for accessing to the research period of this programme (case 1) and, if applicable, the student is required to take any module or curriculum of some of the Master’s Degrees mentioned in the section 1.

The admission in the Programme of students from another country requires that their Master’s degree should be recognised in the University of Valencia.