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  • Autors: Coma,Inmaculada; Fernández, Vera, Lucía; Olanda, Ricardo
  • (2005).
  • Tipus de publicació: Article
  • URL Publicacio: IADAT Journal of Advanced Technology: Dynamic driving scenario design
  • Resum:

    Simulation and virtual environments are used increasingly for training and behaviour evaluation purposes. Driving simulators are a specific case of these systems. They have been proof as effective tools for drivers training, risky driving styles evaluation or the evaluation of the effects of external factors or new technologies in driving task. The interest in behaviour evaluation and training of drivers makes it necessary to design experiments that provide measurements of driver’s actions. These experiments are usually dynamic scenarios, which can be defined as a set of dynamic elements (cars, lights, pedestrians, etc.) carrying out some tasks in a synchronized way. The purpose of these scenarios is to force the driver to make a decision.