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Mailbox for suggestions, complaints, claims and compliments to the Centre d'Idiomes UV

The Centre d'Idiomes de la Universitat de València has a mailbox for suggestions, complaints, claims and congratulations with the aim of establishing a mechanism of communication with the users of the services managed by the entity and thus know both their level of satisfaction and their suggestions regarding the operation of the CdI UV, which will allow us to improve the services offered.

All suggestions, complaints, claims or compliments will be formalized by means of a form that will be sent to the e-mail address:, available to the public, easily accessible, on the website of the UV Language Center. If the e-mail address does not appear in the database of the CdI UV, a photocopy of the National Identity Document must be attached to the form. 

All complaints, claims, suggestions or compliments received shall be recorded in a file that shall include:

  1. Date of entry
  2. Contact information provided
  3. Concept
  4. Department concerned
  5. Response provided
  6. Date of reply
  • Competent body: the Management of the CdI UV is the competent body for the attention, management and response of all the sending that are formulated.
  • Processing: All complaints, claims, suggestions or compliments must be processed and may not be left unanswered by the Language Center, having to answer as soon as possible, through the email provided by the user, and within a maximum period of 10 working days from receipt of the email.
  • Communication of the complaint to the competent Administration: The CdI UV will forward the complaint/complaint to the competent Administration when legally foreseen.

The UV Language Center will have to notify the complaint/complaint formulated to the competent body of the Territorial Directorate (Section of People with Functional Diversity) within 10 working days from its presentation in the UV Language Center.

The response to the complaint/claim will have to be notified to the user and simultaneously to the competent body of the Territorial Directorate (Section of People with Functional Diversity). The Territorial Direction of the Consellería reserves the term of 15 days, to consider suitable the answer given to the user, putting it, in another case, in knowledge of the entity, for a more suitable answer. Likewise, it will establish the appropriate measures.