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The inaugural conference of this 39th edition of the Summer University of Gandia will be given by Manuela Carmena. The event will take place at 20h in the garden of the Casa de la Marquesa de Gandia.

Manuela Carmena Castrillo (Madrid, 9 February 1944) is a Spanish jurist, judge emeritus and mayor of Madrid for Ahora Madrid between 2015 and 2019. Carmena has been an advocate for workers and detainees during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco and co-founder of the labour law firm where the 1977 Atocha massacre took place. Carmena, who left the ranks of the PCE, began her judicial career in January 1981.

She has recently published "A los que vienen", her last book after leaving the mayoralty of Madrid. A reflection on the society that she wants to leave to future generations and about which she will speak to Gandia.