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The economic and financial activity of the UV is developed according to the income and expenses budget.

This budget is annual, public, unique and balanced.

The income budget has the resources of the UV for the fulfilment of its purposes, according to the following breakdown:

  •  Transfers
  •  Public prices, fees and rights
  •  Earned incomes derived from university activities
  •  Other incomes
  •  The treasury surplus of the compensations for exemptions and reductions regarding to public prices and other rights.

The budget statement of expenditure is classified according to the differentiation between operating expenses and investment. In it figure:

1. The amount of debts
2. Patrimony expenditure
3. Indebted interests
4. Compensations and the costs resulting
5. The increment of their own equity instruments.
6. The works and facilities which may be carried out with this budget
7. The acquisition of scientific material and equipment in general
8. The funding of teaching, research, general, assistance and community services
9. Staff costs
10. Transfers and helps of the institution to foundations, trusts and other legal and commercial entities in which the University participates

The University Senate, the highest representative body of the university community, has among its functions, the approval of the general lines of the budget proposal.

The budget proposal is prepared by the manager depending on the goals and priorities established by the University bodies, considering the requests from the departments, research university institutes, centres, services and other structures, according to their needs.

The Governing Council approves the budget proposal and refers this to the Board of Trustees.
The approval and clearing of the budget, according to the established by the current legislation and University Constitution corresponds to the Board of Trustees.

The University establishes for each budgetary year the implementation rules of the budget according to those set up by the Valencian Government.

Likewise, the UV has a system of monitoring and follow-up of the events of economic contents. The internal monitoring of expenses and investments corresponds to the technical body, the Internal Control Office, which performs its functions independently, employing auditing techniques, as defined under the article 216 of the University Constitution.

The annual accounts of the UV are subject to the Engagement Report of the Valencian Government, body which corresponds the audit of the annual accounts of the institution, and the monitoring of the Sindicatura de Cuentas (Audit Office), body which corresponds the external economic and budget monitoring of the financial activity of the Valencian public sector and, therefore, the audit of the activity of Public Universities of the Valencian Community.