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The website of the Department of Art History of the University of Valencia aims to be an informative, useful and open window to changes and developments that arise around our diverse and varied academic activity. It is intended for students, faculty, research staff, administration staff and other interested users. It contains information on the location and contact of the staff of the Department, its functional organization and regulations, student representation, executive and advisory committees, etc. In addition, it contains topics related to teaching (curriculum, internal quality assurance system, internships, mobility...) in the Degree and in the Master's Degree, with the Doctoral program, with the annual research report made from the Department, with our Ars Longa magazine, with the institutional chairs "Demetrio Ribes" and "Ignacio Pinazo" in which we participate, with the organization of exhibitions, seminars, congresses, conferences, complementary activities, publications, etc.

After years of major changes in the Spanish university due to its forced adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (EEES) with the guidelines set by the Bologna process (1999-2010), the new degrees are already in place and in progress. Specifically, in parallel with the progressive extinction of the old bachelor's degree, our Degree in History of Art began its career in the 2009-2010 academic year and the first promotion was awarded in 2012-2013. The Department of History of Art also participates with different subjects in the Degree in History, Geography, Philosophy, Hispanic Studies, Tourism and Gastronomic Sciences.

As for the Postgraduate Program, the Department of Art History organizes and assumes in its majority the Official Master’s Degree in History of Art and Visual Culture, interuniversity (UV-UJI) that began its teaching in 2009-2010 and was re-accredited with an excellent grade by the AVAP in 2014 (own website: Our Department coordinates and is responsible for the Preventive Conservation itinerary of the Official Master's Degree in Cultural Heritage: identification, analysis and management of the Faculty of Geography and History (own website: It also participates in the Official Master’s Degree in Development Cooperation (in collaboration with the five public universities of the CV) (own website:

In addition, the Department maintains the organization of a Doctorate in Art History (UV-UJI) program that received the Ministry's Excellence Statement in 2011 (own website: It allows developing research training activities and guiding dozens of projects culminating in the defense of the doctoral thesis.

At the same time, the Department participates in the organization of two University postgraduate qualifications: Diploma of Specialization and Master in "Photography: production and creation" and the Diploma of Specialization in "Analysis and authentication of works of art".

Since 1990, the Department publishes the specialized research magazine Ars Longa. Cuadernos de Arte on an annual basis. In recent years it has achieved very good academic consideration thanks to the fulfillment of established quality criteria and the external evaluation of specialized agencies and databases (

We hope that the website will meet your expectations and provide you with the necessary information. Through it you can access the Virtual Classroom or the Suggestions, Complaints and/or Compliments Form. In any case, we are at your disposal in the departmental building of the Faculty of Geography and History, or in our email (

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