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What is the Nau Gran?

The University of Valencia open its doors to people over 55 years old, who wish to learn and to continue growing. The programme of La Nau allows the elderly to enter to the University of Valencia, but without the issuance of an official qualification and they have to share the rooms and subjects with the rest of students who are taking the regulated degrees.

Thus the students of La Nau Gran belong to the real university environment, participating actively in knowledge, culture, research and debate. The design of La Nau Gran consists in different curriculums within the different degrees, formed by the same modules of study of the degree.

However, almost all modules of any degree require previous basic knowledge, in order they become useful. And this knowledge is what the students learn in the introductory courses, which are smaller groups where the teaching staff can support better the students of La Nau Gran.


The Nau Gran is a University Programme addressed to senior citizens of 55 years old that depends on the Office of the Vice-principal for Studies. The certificate of the Nau Gran is obtained once passed 75 credits taken over three years. This training can be completed, after passing an entrance exam, with 2 courses with 25 credits each one for obtaining the Nau Gran Specialised Qualification in the corresponding pathway.

The classes of the Nau Gran begin and end on the dates established for each academic year by the University of Valencia.

The academic pathways have three types of subjects: introductory or core subjects, optional or free-elective subjects.

Introductory subjects are those exclusively designed for La Nau Gran. These are compulsory modules that prepare students for following properly the optional subjects. The introductory subjects introduce the student s to the basic knowledge needed for the proper understanding of university studies. In most of the academic pathways the classes are on the afternoons.

Optional subjects are those that are in the list of optional and core subjects of the different degrees of the University of Valencia and that have been selected for each of the academic pathways. It is, therefore, the same modules that students have at the degrees. Thus, the students of La Nau Gran will share with the students teaching staff, classrooms and timetable and they will be integrated in the regular activity of the centre. In each academic pathway is indicated the name of the optional modules that can be chosen in each academic year. In the optional subjects that have different groups, is possible to choose between morning and afternoon timetable.

Free elective courses are the complementary activities of scientific and cultural nature that organises the University Extension Service for the students of La Nau Gran: workshops, courses and seminars of the University extension and of the University of Valencia: training courses from university volunteering, courses from the Service of Linguistic Standardization, courses from the Sports Service, etc.

The University programme La Nau Gran consists of nine academic pathways at the three campuses of the University of Valencia. The students should choose one of them:

Blasco Ibañez campus

  • History of art academic pathway (Head of academic pathway: Ester Alba  Pagán)
  • Geography and History (Head of academic pathway: Ester Alba Pagán) 
  • Philosophy and Humanities academic pathway (Head of academic pathway: Vicente Claramonte Sanz) 
  • Psychology academic pathway (Head of academic pathway: Vicente Martínez Tur) 
  • Itinerari de Ciències de la Salut (Cap d’itinerari acadèmic: Julio Cortijo Gimeno) 
  • Itinerari de Llengua, Literatura i Comunicació (Cap d’itinerari acadèmic: Ana Rosa Calero Valera)

Tarongers campus

  • Social Sciences and Economics academic pathway (Heads of academic pathways: Inmaculada Verdeguer and Pilar Soriano Felipe)
  • Law, Political and Criminal Sciences academic pathway (Head of the academic pathway: Javier Plaza Penadés) 

Burjassot campus 

  • Science and technology academic pathway (Heads of academic pathways: Vicente Cerverón and Rafael Crespo García) 


Check the curriculums of each academic pathway

Here you can download the information leaflet in pdf 

Here you can find the information of La Nau Gran on the website of the City Council of Valencia