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The company entrusted with the security of the Burjasot Campus and at ETSE is CASVA Seguridad, SLU.

Contact phone:

Intern: Zone A 72006 - Zone B 75002 - ETSE 72008
Mobile: Zone A 629452852 - Zone B 669883180- ETSE 637477400 - Pharmacy 669883175
24 hours service: 916363660




Sciencies Library Faculty of Mathematics
Deanery Building Faculty de Biological Sciences A and B
Computing Service General Services Building
Greenhouses Maintenance Workshop
Tirant Building Transfer storage
Faculty of Physics C and  D Physical Education Service
Faculty of Chemistry E and  F Health Offices
Faculty of Pharmacy Gabinete de Salud
Aulario Interfacultativo Jeroni Muñoz Research Building
  Burjassot Campus Cafeteria
  Faculty of Pharmacy
  Aulario Interfacultativo