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Assurance of the University of Valencia

Signed with Caser Seguros.

To see the conditions and coverage of the different insurance subscribed by the University of Valencia, check the "Gerència" website.

The policy provides coverage to the property assets of the University that may be stolen or result damaged by any causes whatsoever determined.

The excess is of 900€ so that the present value of the goods will be discounted from that sum.
*Will only be covered the goods within the premises of the University or which were temporally displaced for their reparation or maintenance.

The form must be filled and the following documents must be sent to the Support Unit by electronic suitcase . Group: Insurance processing.


Surname and name:





Date and hour of the accident:

Facts description:

List of stolen material:


Economic valuation:


Once you submit this form, in case of theft, must be presented the formal complaint, a copy of the product invoice and a copy of the inventory. In case of damage, must be provided a copy of the repair budget.