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Evolutionary Ecology group members, from right to left: Manuel Serra, Mª José Carmona, Raquell Ortells & Eduardo García.

The Evolutionary Ecology group performs empirical and theoretical studies on population ecology and evolutionary in which uses rotifers as model organisms. The specific scientific interests of the group include:

  1. Study of adaptation to environmental variation in time and space (genetic components, physiological and ethological).
  2. Identification and ecological characterization of cryptic rotifer species.
  3. Research of demographic, genetic and evolutionary implications of cyclical parthenogenesis.
  4. Evolution of life cycles in rotifers, with focus on the evolution of sexual reproduction patterns (induction, optimization and mating behavior).
  5. Analysis of feasibility and complex population dynamic.
  6. Mediating processes of the coexistence of competing species.
  7. Ecological and evolutionary implications of diapause eggs banks.
  8. Genetic ecology studies (population differentiation, intrapopulation variation and local adaptation).