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This group has a strong reputation for the many jobs it have held in inland aquatic ecosystems and the new researchers who have been trained in it. The following are some topics of scientific interest which are offered, from basic to applied ecology, addressed by this group.

Research areas of basic ecology: a) Specific richness of aquatic organism: bacteria, phytoplankton, periphyton, zooplankton, benthos, fish. b) Dynamics of planktonic populations. c) Study of aquatic food webs. d) Dynamics and function of aquatic ecosystems: community assembly, productivity, microbial processes. e) Paleolimnology and global change. f) Antarctic limnology in wetlands and reservoirs.

Applied research lines: a) Water pollution and eutrophication process. b) Physico- chemical and microbiological water quality. c) Characterization and management of aquatic ecosystems. d) Restoration of aquatic ecosystems. e) Response of aquatic ecosystems to global changes. f) Aquaculture.