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Our research focuses on two main areas: biology and conservation of cetaceans and sea turtles, and Parasitology of marine organisms.

Biology and conservation of cetaceans and sea turtles. We maintain records of strandings of cetaceans and sea turtles in Valencia and studied interactions with fishing gear in the area. The Marine Zoology Unit houses the Mediterranean Database of Cetacean Strandings (MEDACES) under the auspices of ACCOBAMS and United Nations Environment Programme. Also, we conducted aerial surveys to obtain estimates of population size of cetaceans and sea turtles in Valencia and Murcia in order to designate protected areas for these populations. The unit has carried out, also, studies on the distribution, migration and behavior of sea turtles in Equatorial Guinea, and food habits of turtles and cetaceans of the Mediterranean Sea.

Parasitology of marine animals. These studies concerning marine mammals, sea turtles and fish and include ecological and evolutionary taxonomic studies (classical and molecular) of parasitic species. Also, do parasitological applied research in the field of fisheries science and aquaculture.