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Evolution of plant species and effects of fragmentation on continental islands: demographic and filogeographic aspects. Ministry of Science and Technology (REN2001-3506-C02-01. 2001-2004).

Determining the genetic diversity of Taxus baccata L. populations in the Valencian Community (Valencia, Castellón & Alicante) and establishing molecular markers linked to sex differentiation. Valencian Government. Valencian Department of Environment. 2002-2003.

Molecular detection of food additive E-417 and differentiation of the additives E-410 and E-412. Ministry of Science and Technology (AGL2000-1397-CO2-02). 2001-2003.

Molecular methods to detect fraud in food additives. Ministry of Science and Technology (CICYT-PETRI, PTR 19995-0461-OP). 2001-2003.

Developing and applying DNA-based molecular methods to identify the origin of vegetable oils for human consumption. Balearic Government. Department of Innovation and Energy. 2003-2005.